Introduction of the System Integration Laboratory

Welcome to the System Integration Laboratory, Okayama University. The System Integration Laboratory is a new laboratory established in 2001 at the Faculty of Engineering, Okayama University. Theoretical and technological problems associated with the development of functional components and integrated systems for Microrobots, Actuator systems, and Advanced mechanical systems are investigated.

Shown here are some typical topics in our current research activities.

1. Microrobots

The microrobot project in the System Integration Laboratory aims at realizing the microrobots investigating any narrow spaces. The project currently covers three microrobots; a thin tube rubber actuator propelling conventional endoscopes in colon, an inspection robot in pipelines of 1 to 6 inch inner diameter in plants, and a rescue robot driven micro hydraulic power actuators investigating in rubble.

2. Actuator systems

The actuator project of the System Integration Laboratory includes basic researches of new actuator components and application researches of integration of the devices on practical systems.

At present, micro ultrasonic motors, micro hydraulic motors, nutation motors, micro solenoids, micro focusing actuator for micro CCD camera, and micro mechanical systems based on piezo-electric thin films are being developed.

3. Mechanical system

This project includes two researches at present; (1) Physical man-machine interaction systems and (2) Pneumatic transmission for intelligent bicycle.

By integrating many micro sensors and actuators the System Integration Lab. has developed two interface devices; active mouse and active multi-link mechanism, which enables physical man-machine interaction between man and machine.

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