Micro Reactor

Group Introduction

  Novel micro fluidic systems have been realized by using micro sensors, actuators and microchannels. Those systems has been used for a droplet generation and an emulsification.

Research Introduction

Mono disperse droplets generation by using an ultrasonic torsional transducer

  Generation of particles have been receiving attentions in many fields. In this study, to generate droplets for a chemical process, we have generated mono-disperse droplets in the air or liquid by using a torsional bolt-clamped Lngevin-type transducer and a micropore plate. When pure water was used as the dispersed liquid and silicone oil solution was used as the ambient liquid, we have succeeded in generating mono-disperse droplets in the flowing ambient liquid efficiently.

Development of micromixer using ultrasonic torsional vibration

 Micromixers used in high-pressure chemical process are required to prevent clogging of microchannels and to improve mixing performance. In this research, we developed a micromixer using ultrasonic vibration. A result of evaluation     using Villermaux/Dushman reaction showed that the mixing performance was improved by applying ultrasonic     torsional vibration.






High concentration emulsion generation using droplet manipulation in ultrasonic vibration microchannel

 In this research, we fabricated a droplet operation device with micro flow path using
ultrasonic vibration. Standing waves were generated in the flow path by ultrasonic
vibration, and emulsion were separated and concentrated by moving the droplets to
nodes of pressure. Droplets in the flow path were classificated by this device.